Hey there, I'm Tal! Welcome to CSE 154

I am a Big Fan of This Class!

Welcome to CSE 154! I am excited for this quarter and hope you are excited about taking this class. 154 has been one of the most rewarding classes I having taken at UW thus far. The material we cover will not only introduce you to a variety of new programming languages, but will also emphasize the similarities and connections between them. Beyond this, you will also gain new strategies for effectively learning new languages which is a skill you can then apply to your future computer science endeavors, both in and outside of a classroom setting.

I encourage you to have fun with this class. These next 10 weeks will undoubtedly be stressful but keep in mind that this class allows and encourages creative freedom. Take advanatage of this by investing quality time into the work you complete. I will do my absolute best to support you with any help you need so feel free to reach out regardless of whether you are in my section or not.

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