Citing Sources in CSE 154 Projects

Remember it is part of our course syllabus to be mindful of Copyright and Citations as you publish in this course.

  • Example 1: Where all of the content is owned by the publisher of the site.
  • Example 2: Where the rights to some of the content is owned by others.

Layout Examples

An Experiment with Boxes

This is a sample page which has demonstrates the box model, border properties and two layout examples.

Placement of an <img> Tag

We often get questions about whether an image elements may be placed outside of a block element. For your code in CSE 154, we expect that you will place all <img> tags inside another block element. This page demonstrates our two accepted methods (as well as what not to do for comparison).

JavaScript UI and Events

Text Input Processing

This is an example with textarea and input text <input type="text"> to count the number of certain words in a textarea.


This is an example page using mouseover and mouseout to change the text of a DOM element.

Keydown Event

This is an example of using the keydown event and logging data about the event object to the console. What kind of information do you see about each keydown event?

Timers: Intervals vs. Delay

A great feature of the JavaScript language is the ability to delay a function or repeat it over some interval. This example demonstrates how to use a delays as well as how to set/clear an interval timer.