Welcome to CSE 154!

A Few Facts About Me

Hi, I'm Sven!

A happy ghost

Classes I am taking this quarter

My Favorite Games

Hollow Knight Cover Celeste Cover Persona 5 Cover Dark Souls 3 Cover Yoshis Island Cover The Witness Cover Nuclear Throne Cover Pokemon Diamond Cover

My favorite Animations

Space Dandy Cover K-On! Cover Made In Abyss Cover Girl's Last Tour Cover Spirited Away Cover Adventure Time Cover Ponyo Cover Hunter X Hunter Cover

Last Time in CSE 154...

This is a website I built throughout CSE 154 while I took it. I had wanted a site to host my puzzles for awhile, and loved building it from the ground up, my way. Feel free to check it out if you would like, and I hope it gives you some ideas of things you want to make this quarter.

My creative Project Website

What to expect in CSE 154