Hello! I am Jeremy "EndenDragon" Zhang.

My name is Jeremy and I am a high school dropout. Yes, you heard me correct. I am a high school dropout.

Don't fret however! I don't mean this in a bad way. Seriously. I am currently in a program called University of Washington - Academy for Young Scholars (or UW Academy for short). Students in this program have dropped out of high school after sophomore year and are enrolled, full-time, at the University of Washington starting around 16 years old.

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I enjoy working on websites. Web development is F.U.N.!

As a web developer, I have many tools in my toolshed.

  1. Python - Yepp! I LOVE to code the backend of a webapp using Python's Flask framework. Very simple and intuitive!
  2. jQuery/JavaScript - Of course, jQuery is something that I cannot live by. Who can't resist having a library that makes writing javascript much more easier and cleaner?
  3. MaterializeCSS - The beautiful theme on TitanEmbeds was backed by materialize. It looks sleek and absolutely fabulous.
  4. git/Github - Who doesn't love those pretty changelogs? (Also useful to rollback mistakes)
  5. Cloud9 - And of course, c9 allows me to code anywhere, anytime. No need to have an expensive server when I could create a workspace and run my projects in a snap?

Though I am always a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Always.

Y'all better be ready to embrace the magic of frendship this quarter. I know I am. Who doesn't love the cute face of the Rainbow Dash? Here, CLICK MEH for some pets. ;) Above all, Rainbow Dash is the best pone.

Pssst. Did you know that I used to create My Little Pony animations?

Last but not least, some words of wisdom.

CSE 154 may seem indimidating at first. So many pieces is involved in creating a website. I know, I may be some crazy random dude who does web programming. But keep in mind, I make mistakes too! Please NEVER give up, keep trying and you'll get the hang of it!

If you ever in need of some assitance with web programming, I'll be there for you. Lets make this a memorable quarter!