This is me

Who Am I?

Ello! I'm Anupam. I'm a senior(I think?) at the School of Computer Science and Engineering and I'm one of the TAs for CSE 154 this quarter! I've taught CSE 120 and CSE 373 so far and I'm really excited for CSE 154 this quarter! If you have any questions feel free to reach me at at any point of time and I'll try my best to get back as soon as possble.

What I expect from the course

I expect this course to be a lot of fun. CSE 154 has so far been the course in which I learnt the most! I hope everyone feels the same this quarter as well! The course is fast paced for sure. We will be covering a lot of different technologies in a very short frame of time but hopefully you'll have more than enough practice to do well wherever you choose to apply your skills.

About me (Some more I guess?)

I like sleep. A LOT. And Dogs. A LOT AS WELL. From a technical point of view, I love working towards educational technology and just developing for the fun of it. Its always a rather immense learning experience but so far, each of them have been just as fun! Also I love talking to people about things they're building or are passionate about so if you have any ideas for your creative project don't hesitate to talk/discuss them :)

What I don't like

Debugging. Hate it. Completely. But it's a very useful thing to learn for every project you undertake. So I guess it's a necessary evil?

Advice for the Class

Have fun with the class. Don't just do the homeworks because you have to. Explore around. Nobody knows everything about web development. So just try new things. Have fun and see where you get. This does not mean don't do homeworks - PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK. and DON'T FORGET TO HYDRATE. :)