Installing MAMP on a Windows Machine

Step 1: Visit and select Downloads in the top right corner of the website.

Step 2: Select the MAMP & MAMP PRO button below the Windows Logo to begin downloading MAMP for the Windows Operating System.

windows installation windows installation select

Step 3: Chrome will begin downloading MAMP.

windows installation download

Step 4: Once the download has finished, select the executable to begin the installation process.

Step 5: If you are presented with a dialog box that asks if you want to make changes to your device, say Yes.

windows installation start install

Step 6: Select your preferred languaged for the installation.

mac install language setup.

Step 7: Make sure you deselect MAMP Pro and Apple Bonjour from the list. CSE 154 does not require the paid PRO version of MAMP to complete course assignments.

windows installation deselect pro

Step 8: Hit accept any terms of condition agreements, then click next.

windows installation license

Step 9: Select the destination directory in which you would like to install MAMP. It's best to leave it as the default location. Then click the next button.

windows installation destination

Step 10: Select the Start Menu folder for MAMP to reside in then click next.

windows installation startmenu

Step 11: Decide if you want to create a destop icon and click next.

windows installation desktop icon

Step 12: You'll then be presented with a summary screen. If everything is correct press the Install button.

windows installation summary

Step 13: Watch the installation proceed.

windows installation installing

Step 14: When the installation is complete you will see a screen like this. Press the finish button.

windows installation done

Step 15: If you installed an icon on the desktop, you can double click on that icon to start the program. Otherwise find MAMP under your start menu to start the program.

windows installation desktop icon

Step 15: If Windows presents you with a dialog box that asks about allowing firewall access - grant access on public and private networks.

windows installation firewall options

Step 16: Start the MAMP server by clicking on "Start Servers" power button. It will turn green when servers has been enabled. Do not close MAMP window (or servers will be turned offline).

windows installation Windows gui

Step 17: MAMP will also launch a Web Start page. This is the homepage for your local MAMP instance and there are many convenient links to the stuff we will use this quarter.

windows installation web start.

Step 18: Clicking the "My Website" menu item will take you to your website. Currently your website doesn't host any pages. So it is feeling a little bit empty at this moment. Let's fix that!

Step 18: Open an file explorer window and navigate to the c:\MAMP\htdocs directory. Create or copy a simple web page in that directory and save it as index.html so visiting My Website link will take me to this page. It may be easier to name it anything other than index to preserve directory listing.

windows installation folder

Step 24: When using MySQL, you'll need to use the installed phpMyAdmin service. Visit phpMyAdmin from the My Tools menu.

windows phpmyadmin

Step 25: Click on the SQL option to open up a SQL input textarea. Step 26: Enter some SQL and hit Go in the bottom right corner.

windows installation SQL

Congratulations, your MAMP setup is complete!