Instructor: Morgan Doocy (mdoocy) - see Staff/TAs page for office hours


  • [8/8] A turnin page for Extra Credit 2 (CakePHP Blog) has now been posted. You may submit it until Friday, August 16th at 11:30pm.
  • [8/7] Homework 6 (ASCIImation) 24-hour extension: It is now due Thu 8/8 at 11:30pm. (Late cutoff has not changed: Sat 8/10, 11:30pm.)
  • [8/7] ASCIImation gallery: Once you are done with HW6 ASCIImation and your myanimation.js, show it to your classmates in our gallery! To do this, go to your HW6 page on Webster. Change your URL in the address bar from ascii.html to ascii.html?gallery=true . Now you should see a new "Gallery" box at the left side of the other controls. You can look at a list of everyone who has shared their animation, or submit your own to be seen by your classmates! Show off the cool animations you have made.
  • [7/26] Extra Credit 2 (CakePHP Blog) is now posted in Extra Sessions page.
  • [7/22] Tuesday’s pre-section problems
    Until Monday afternoon, the sections page erroneously said there were no pre-section problems for Section 5. This has been corrected to list the two MySQL practice problems for section. Please do these and bring them to section tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • [7/12] No extra session this week. Today’s extra session has been postponed until after we cover MySQL. (Next week’s previously-scheduled extra session will still be held.)
  • [7/12] The turnin for EC1 and Extra Session 1 slides were broken, but they’ve been fixed. You can turn in EC1 via the link on the Extra Sessions page.
  • [7/6] Pre-section problems for next Tuesday's Section 3 are posted in the Sections page. Don't forget to solve these problems and bring your solution to section each week.
  • [7/6] Extra Credit 1 (Responsive HW2) is now posted in Extra Sessions page.
  • [7/4] Extra sessions: Starting this week, we will hold an optional extra session every Friday. In these sections, the TAs and Morgan will present extra material that was not covered in lecture. The sessions will take place after lecture each week on Fridays from 2:20–3:20pm in our usual lecture hall, EEB 105. The first session is this week on Fri 7/6. Hope to see you there!
  • [7/4] This week’s Lab 2 (Journal) is a take-home lab. Complete and submit by Sunday, July 7 for your weekly lab participation points.
  • [7/1] Tuesday’s pre-section problems There was a bug on the course website which prevented tomorrow's pre-section problems from showing up until late Monday afternoon. As a result, for this week only, IF YOU DO NOT have access to a printer before tomorrow's section, you may email your solution to your TA. (If you do have access to a printer, please print your solution.)
  • [7/1] Pre-section problems for this Tuesday's Section 2 are posted in the Sections page. Don't forget to solve these problems and bring your solution to section each week.
  • [6/24] Sections: Our first section is Tue 6/25. You are graded on section participation and attendance. Many weeks, there will be a short web problem for you to solve for points before you go to section. But this first week, you just need to show up to section and participate to earn the points.
  • [6/24] Course web site created!
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