University of Washington CSE 154

Section 5: Regular Expressions, Validation; Cookies

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Exercise : Regular Expressions (by Zack Cava)

Write a regular expression (slides) that would match the following kinds of patterns. You can use the site Rubular to test your regex.

Exercise Solution

Exercise : Regex Images (by Jamie Pell)

The code for images.php displays all icon JPG images in the images/ folder. Modify it using regular expressions so that it will display only image file namess that match each of the following patterns: (sample solution)

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot (example output)

Exercise Solution

$folder = "images";
$images = glob("$folder/*.jpg");

$regex = "/abbath/i";       # contain "abbath", case insensitive

foreach ($images as $image) {
	if (preg_match($regex, $image)) {
		<img src="<?= $image ?>" alt="an awesome picture" />

# begin with "abbath" and end with "cat", "dog", or "sheep"
# $regex = "/^$folder\/abbath(.*)(dog|cat|sheep).jpg$/";  
# $regex = "/[0-9].jpg$/";   # end in a number
# $regex = "/^[ab]{4}/i";    # start with 4 As/Bs

Exercise : Sandwich Order (by Katlyn Edwards)

order.html allows the user to order a sandwich. Modify order-submit.php to use regular expressions to validate the order. If the order is invalid, kill the page with a brief error message. (sample solution)

Exercise Solution

Exercise : Longcat Count (by Phil Sheperd)


Use a cookie (slides) to count the number of times the user has viewed longcat.php. Display this count to the user on the page, e.g. "You have visited 7 time(s)." (sample solution) For added challenge:

Exercise Solution

Exercise : Prize (by Michael Beswetherick)

prize.php is a travel site. We want roughly every 10th visitor to win a "free trip". (sample solution)

Exercise Solution

Exercise : Birthdays (by Phil Sheperd)

cake What day of the month were you born on? Let's check the box for everyone's day in birthdays.php. The form submits to itself, but if you leave the page and come back, it forgets what boxes were checked.

Exercise Solution

Exercise : Unsafe Cookie (by Shiny Yang)

The following page unsafe.php (source) is a mockup of a badly written user login page. The programmer implemented the login page poorly because of a misunderstanding about cookies. Without peeking at the source, figure out the following:

Exercise Solution