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 CSE 142 and CSE 143 Winter 2006-- Lab Information
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See also 142 consultant schedule and 143 consultant schedule

Location and hours for the CRC, and OUGL.

Mary Gates Hall Computer Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC contains PCs on which has been installed Windows 2000, Sun's Java Development Kit (JDK), BlueJ, and other software for CSE142/143.  There is a fee for each page that you have printed. Please see the UWired web site for additional information on lab policies.

Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUGL)

OUGL has a large number of PCs and other equipment.  Some of their older machines will not have CSE142/143 courseware installed.


Consultants will be on duty in the lab at various times during the week. They can help answer programming questions that arise while you are working on homework in the lab. Check the 142 consultant schedule or 143 consultant schedule to see when someone will be on duty.  There are also lab assistants on duty to check users in and out, to answer questions about operating the equipment, and to retrieve print-outs.

If you plan to compute at home , you will find it easiest if your system is very similar to the lab set-up.

Other labs on campus

Here is a map showing the locations of general access computing labs on campus. To use these facilities you will need a uniform access account

Other campus resources

Free walk-in computer classes !  For students only. 

UW Experimental College .  Low-cost, informal courses on computing topics (and many other topics!)

Know the rules

Campus computer facilities are for academic use only. Campus Computers and Communica tions has established some rules and guidelines which you should review.

See the current quarter's 142 web or 143 web for more information about the courses.


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