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A4 - Evil Hangman

Due by Thursday 02/03 at 11:59 pm.

Specification Intro Video Submit Code on Ed

You may submit any part of the assignment as many times as you want before the due date. To submit on EdStem, you should use the Mark button to submit your code. You can view your past submissions using the “Submissions” button.

Code Files

All files can also be downloaded here:

Developing at Home

You are welcome to use Ed as your environment to work on the homework, but we recommend setting up a local environment following our Desktop Software instructions. This will allow you to work offline, and access the great debugger provided by jGrasp! You can download the code from Ed and when you want to submit, upload it again and then pressing Mark to submit.

Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I make a pattern?

A: Review the cumulative sum pattern on Strings. Try this Practice-It problem.

Q: What is a map? How do I use a map? Why is a map useful here?

A: Look at the WordCount and Friends programs from lecture. Remember that a map stores a relationship between a pair (known as a key to value relationship). Look at the example from the writeup that shows an initial dictionary of 9 words being split into different word families.

Java has a more detailed definition of a Map on the Java API.

Q: How do I store a complex structure as the values of a Map?

A: Review the Friends example from lecture.

Q: How do I call methods on the Sets that are in my Map?

A: Call get on the Map first. This will give you back a Set which you can then call methods on that. Review the Friends example from lecture.