We thank Ruth Anderson, Valentina Staneva, Jake VanderPlas, Ariel Rokem, Joe Hellerstein, and Magdalena Balazinska for their contributions to designing this course. The initial materials for this course were created by Hunter Schafer with significant contributions by Josh Ervin, Zorah Fung, Erik Hoberg, Melissa Hovik, Dylan Jergens, Joely Nelson, Nicole Riley, and Erika Wolfe with input from Ruth Anderson. Special thanks to Magdalena Balazinska, Dan Grossman, and the eScience Education Working Group for their leadership in creating this course.

This website is generated by mkdocs. The text is set in the Inter font family by Rasmus Andersson. This quarter’s website was developed for 373 in 20su by Brian Chan, Maia Xiao, and Aaron Johnston with modifications by Hunter Schafer and Wen Qiu. The theme for the course website draws inspiration from Just the Class, with thanks to its author Kevin Lin. We also thank students Austin Jenchi and Jeremy Zhang who contributed improvements to our fork.

Much of the syllabus language has been adapted from Kevin Lin and Brett Wortzman.