All the teaching and learning assistants.

Anusha Nasrulai she/her

Hello! I’m Anusha and I am a senior at the University of Washington pursuing dual degrees in Informatics and Law, Societies, and Justice. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and riding my bike. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Jinghua Sun she/her

Hello! My name’s Jinghua and I’m super excited to meet all of you this winter. I am a junior currently majoring in international studies and CS, with a minor in dance. Please do not hesitate to reach to me and talk about the course, school experiences, or anything in general.

Joanie Foley she/her

Hi everyone!! My name is Joanie and I’m from Redmond, WA. I’m a junior studying computer science, but outside of school, I love reading, camping, hiking, and anything outdoorsy! I also love to travel and try new things. Can’t wait to get to know you all this quarter!

Kai he/they

Hi! My name is Kai and I’m a junior studying CS and I’ve TA’d for CSE 14X for almost 2 years now. Outside of CS, I am a HS debate coach and also love to do archery, badminton and listen to Kpop (stan aespa). I look forward to meeting y’all :)

May Wang she/her/hers

Hi, I’m May! I’m from Alberta, Canada, and I’m currently studying computer science. I love listening to music, watching Netflix, hanging out with my pets, and drinking bubble tea (0% sugar and double pearls). I’m excited to teach 143 again this quarter!

Taylor Ka She / Her

Hi, I’m Taylor! Besides being a die-hard 143 TA, here are some random things I’ve been up to: crocheting amigurumi, going to ballet class, making an VR game called Penguins Can Fly, hiking around Olympic National Park, and taking group photos in a star pose :)

Khai-Huy Nguyen they/them

Quiz Section: AA

Hi, I’m Khai! I love composing music that fits any mood. When people ask me what genre my music is, I can’t give a simple answer because there’s no genre for “anime-esque classical jazz with a hint of electronic, lo-fi, and perhaps Disney.”

Duncan Du He/Him

Quiz Section: AB/BA

Hi everyone! My name is Duncan. I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I grew up in China with a couple of years in Maryland. Other than teaching and CS, I love photography and filmmaking. Feel free to talk to me about any of my interests and all things CS!

Andrew Zhang he/him

Quiz Section: AC

Hey, I’m Andrew. I’m from the Chicago area and I’m currently a sophomore studying computer science. Outside of school, I love playing soccer and tennis, going hiking, and exploring new restaurants. Looking forward to meeting y’all this quarter!

Parker Gustafson

Quiz Section: AC

Sarah Khan she/her

Quiz Section: AD

I am a junior double-majoring in CS and Education, Communities, and Organizations. I am especially interested in CS education! Outside of school, I love engaging in social advocacy and enjoying hobbies of watching anime/reading manga! I am so excited to meet you all this quarter!

Connor Aksama He/Him

Quiz Section: AE

Hello! I’m Connor, I’m a 2nd-year CS major from Duvall, WA who enjoys cooking, playing music, Minecraft, and the TV show Community! Come ask me about the memory hierarchy and avocados, my favorite Technoblade moments, The Darkest Timeline, or come catch me on the Husky Drumline!

Raymond Berry

Quiz Section: AF

Esther Chien she/her

Quiz Section: AG

Hi, I’m Esther! I’m wrapping up my final year in CS and will be heading off to NYC in the fall. Introducing students to computer science is highly rewarding, and I hope you’re excited to learn more about computing! I also enjoy running, sushi, and traveling.

Gaurav Gowda he/him

Quiz Section: AH

Hey Everyone, my name is Gaurav Gowda, and I am currently a junior studying Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy trying new food spots, hiking, hanging out with friends, and working out. I look forward to getting to know you all this quarter!

Arjun Singla he/him

Quiz Section: AI

Hyped about this quarter! A little about me: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and love watching the Godfather, hikes and nature, and gangsta rap.

Himani Nijhawan she/her

Quiz Section: AJ

Hey guys! I’m Himani, a third-year CS major from Sammamish, WA. Apart from teaching, I love to dance, cook, and explore new coffee shops. I am also on UW’s Bollywood fusion dance team, Kahaani. Feel free to reach and ask any questions or just chat!

James Hu he/him

Quiz Section: AK

I’m a junior studying CS and Communication. This quarter I’m excited to be TAing for a fourth time and having my very first in person spring quarter! Outside of CS, I shop a lot, listen to a lot of kpop, watch a lot of drag race, and eat of a lot of hiroshi’s <3 stan twice

Yafqa Khan

Quiz Section: AL

Mitchell Levy he/him

Quiz Section: AM

Hi! I’m Mitchell, a 2nd year CS student. This will be my third quarter as a TA. I’ve taught CSE 143 once before, and I’ve also taught CSE 333 (Systems Programming), the Allen School’s main course on C/C++ programming. Fun fact, C is my favorite programming language!

Hitesh Boinpally he/him

Quiz Section: AO

Hi, I’m Hitesh! I’m a third year studying computer science and this will be 5th quarter TAing 143. Some things I like to do outside of school are biking, binging TV (recently Atlanta and Westworld), and playing basketball. I’m super stoked to get to know you all this quarter!

Anson Huang he/him

Quiz Section: AP

Hey 143! My name is Anson and this will be my FIRST “real” spring quarter at the UW despite me being a third year student – super hyped! Outside of CS, I enjoy working out, playing basketball, and watching anime. My favorite anime is One Piece!

Chandan Hegde

Quiz Section: AR

Mia Yamada-Heidner she/her/hers

Quiz Section: AS

Hi! I’m Mia and I’m a freshman majoring in CS and minoring in Chinese. This’ll be my second quarter TA-ing, but my first time TA-ing for 143. In my free time, I love baking, listening to music/podcasts, and finding new tv series to binge. So stoked to meet you all!

Sravani Nanduri she/her

Quiz Section: AT

My name is Sravani Nanduri, and I’m a freshman in computer science here at the UW. This is my second quarter TAing 14X, so I’m very excited! Outside of coding, I teach skiing (would be teaching this year but I tore my ACL :/ ), I read, and I love cooking.

Andy Zheng

Quiz Section: BD

Chloe Fong she/her

Quiz Section: BF

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Lisi Case she/her/hers

Quiz Section: BH

Hey, I’m Lisi! I’m a senior Informatics major in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. I love TA-ing 14x and meeting students, and I’m always happy to talk about my current and past extracurriculars (usually education/tech/leadership-related), playing piano/harp, and cooking. :)

Sanjana Sathyanarayanan she/her

Quiz Section: BI

Hi I’m Sanjana! I’m from Seattle and I’m a senior studying CS! Besides being a 143 fanatic, I also help run my dance team UW Kahaani. In my free time I love singing, traveling, cooking, and binging TV :) Excited for a great quarter!

William Galvin He/Him

Quiz Section: BI

Hey, everyone, I’m William! Outside of school, I’m a very enthusiastic and very amatuer cook, enjoy weird science fiction, and have an unhealthy fascination with forcing computers to play chess. This is my first quarter as a 143 TA, and I’m so excited to be working with you all!

Jeremy Chen he/him

Quiz Section: BJ

Hello! I’m Jeremy, a senior originally from Sammamish studying CS. Outside of the 14x program, I’m a big fan of anime (One Piece in particular), food, and playing various games.

Joe Spaniac He/him

Quiz Section: BL

My name is Joe (he/him), I’m a Junior studying Drama and CS, and I’m super excited to be fully in-person this quarter! If you catch me in the IPL, feel free to ask me about my favorite play / musical - I might know some interesting ones you haven’t heard of before :)

Serena Gilani she/her

Quiz Section: BM

Hi! I’m a senior at UW studying CS. Excited to be TAing 143 this quarter!

Josh Ning

Quiz Section: BN

Jin Terada White he/him they/them

Quiz Section: BR

Hi y’all :) My name is Jin and I’m a junior studying electrical engineering. I was born in Osaka, Japan, love thrifting, building robots, and developing web apps! So, if you ever want to nerd out about robotics, clothes, or anime feel free to chat me up about it. Hope to see you!