Please make sure you are familiar with the resources and policies outlined in the syllabus and the take-home assessments page.

A1 - Letter Inventory

Initial Submission by Thursday 10/07 at 11:59 pm.

Specification Submit Code and Reflection

You may submit any part of the assignment as many times as you want before the initial submission. To submit on EdStem, you should use the Mark button to submit your code. You can view your past submissions using the “Submissions” button.

Please make sure you are familiar with the resubmission and late work policy on the syllabus

Developing at Home

You are welcome to use Ed as your environment to work on the homework, but we recommend setting up a local environment following our Desktop Software instructions. This will allow you to work offline, and access the great debugger provided by jGrasp! You can download the code from Ed and when you want to submit, upload it again and then pressing Mark to submit.