Support hours are a place for you to get support in the course from the CSE 143 course staff!

Instructor Support Hours

Hunter will host support hours simultaneously in person in his office (CSE 530) and Zoom. Due to capacity constraints, Hunter’s support hours are by appointment only. You will need to use the Google calendar appointment slots here to schedule a 10-minute slot to meet with Hunter. You can meet with Hunter over Zoom or in his office, but you must make an appointment before attending.

Schedule an Appointment Zoom Link (if attending remotely)

If you are aren’t able to make Hunter’s support hours, you are also able to schedule a 1:1 meeting outside of them using the button below. Note that these meetings outside of support hours will need to be used more sparingly since there are over 400 students and the class and only one Hunter 😅.

Schedule 1:1

Teaching Assistant Support Hours

Support hours hosted by the TAs will happen in the Introductory Programming Lab (IPL). You can find information where the IPL is and the TA staffing schedule below.

IPL Schedule