Getting Help

Having questions or getting stuck on something is entirely expected in the learning process. If you find something challenging with your studies, that is a sign you are learning! Learning is not something that you need to do alone though! In fact, connecting with your peers or asking a member of the course staff for help can add extreme depth to your knowledge.

  • Synchronous Help (Support Hours): One place to go to get help is our Support Hours located in the Introductory Programming Lab (IPL). TAs staff the IPL for many hours a day to provide you the help you need when you need it! This is a great place to go if you want to review a particular course concept, work on a practice problem with the help of a TA or your peers, or get help on one of the take-home assessments if you are running into difficulties.

    Hunter also hosts support hours, but they are more limited in availability than the IPL is (there is only one of him, sorry!). You can find when and how to join Hunter’s support hours on the Support Hours page

  • Asynchronous Help (Ed Discussion): With a class of our size, directly emailing a member of the course staff is not always recommended. There are many of you and only few of us, so if you email one person directly we can’t make a guarantee how quickly we can respond! To alleviate this one-on-one communication of email, we have a course discussion board that will be a much more lively place for discussion and a way to make sure you can get helped more quickly. The message board is set up so that all of the course staff can help you, which will make it more likely for you to receive a quicker response!

    Here are a couple tips on using EdStem:

    • If you are asking a general question about the course logistics or content, you can make a public post. This way other students can benefit from seeing your question, and you can even answer each other’s questions to share your perspectives!
      • You’re encouraged to answer each other’s questions as well! Explaining a topic to someone else (even on a discussion board) is a great way to help you better understand the material The course staff will still look over student answers and can nicely point out some misconception if there is one so that everyone benefits.
      • If you want, you can choose to post anonymously so that other students in the course can’t see your name. Note that anonymous posting does not hide your identity from the course staff.
    • If you have a question that’s pretty specific to your homework solution, or, is about some personal details that you would not want to share with the class (e.g., DRS accommodations), you can make a private post on Ed that is only visible to the course staff. This way, any member of the staff can respond to get you the help you need!
    • For sensitive matters that you only want to discuss with Hunter, you can instead email Hunter if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Photo of Hunter Schafer

Office Hours

Wed: 12 - 2 pm

Hunter Schafer he/him/his


Hi there! 👋 My name is Hunter! I’ve lived in Seattle for almost my whole life after a brief stint in Alaska, where I was born, and a couple of years in Minnesota. I did my undergrad and masters here at UW in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, and now, I work here full-time on the Allen School faculty!

Funnily enough, I had absolutely no idea what computer science was when I started at UW. I took CSE 142 on a whim and enjoyed it enough to continue on to CSE 143, but not enough to commit to it as a field of study. It wasn’t until I became a teaching assistant for the 14x series did I really find my passion for computer science: teaching computer science. Since then, I’ve shaped my college and post-college career around teaching computer science. Since graduating with my masters, I’ve worked here at the Allen School as a Teaching Professor.

Outside of school and work, I usually spend most of my time hanging out with friends: just enjoying quality time or going out and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops. While living through the inside-times, I’ve tried to make a routine with some of my available free time: I’ve gotten into reading and cooking more regularly, I started practicing yoga, and I even tried my hand at streaming on Twitch (all while drinking questionably unhealthy amounts of coffee).

Talk with me about your favorite coffee shops or restaurants around Seattle, I’m always looking for new places to check out! Good book, podcast, or game recommendations are great too!

Teaching Assistants

Photo of Taylor Ka

Taylor Ka she/her/hers


Head Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m studying computer science, and besides being a die-hard 143 TA, I love dancing, crafting, board games, being outside, and my two cats :)) This summer, I went paragliding, discovered that I really like street tacos, started a woodworking class, spent some time in California, picked up piano again, and tried bodyboarding! I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area my whole life, but I think over the past year and a half I’ve forgotten how to go outside when it’s raining… But despite that, I am SUPER excited to be back in person and really looking forward to meeting you all!!

Photo of Andrew Cheng

Andrew Cheng he/him/his


Quiz Section: AC

Hey everyone! My name is Andrew. I’m a second-year international student from the Philippines studying Electrical Engineering! I’m interested in all things hardware, software and everything in between (embedded/firmware).

Outside of school, I like to play and watch basketball and volleyball. This will be my 2nd time TA‘ing and first time TA‘ing in person!! I’m looking forward to meet you all!

Photo of Andy Zheng

Andy Zheng he/him/his


Quiz Section: AD

Hey everyone, Andy here! I was born in China, but I lived in Canada and the US also. I love watching animation, eating mushroom soup, and long walks -(on the beach)- on the UW campus listening to audiobooks. I am excited to make this quarter fun for you all!

Photo of Anthony Chung

Anthony Chung he/him/his


Quiz Section: AM

Hey everyone, my name is Anthony! I am a third-year studying CS with a minor in ELS. I like to spend my free time drinking boba and eating tacos. My go-to boba fluctuates between an oolong milk tea or a ginger milk tea. I look forward to a great quarter with all of you!

Photo of Arjun Singla

Arjun Singla he/him/his


Quiz Section: AN

Hyped about this quarter! A little about me: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and love watching the Godfather, hikes and nature, and gangsta rap.

Photo of Chloe Fong

Chloe Fong she/her/hers


Quiz Section: DM

Hey folks! I am…

C ookin’ like a chef I’m a 5 star Michelin.

H abitually a late night procrastinator.

L inkedList’s best frenemy.

O bsessed with collecting novelty toys and stickers.

E xcited for an awesome quarter in CSE 143!

F ind out more about fishbear if you ask me :)

Photo of Connor Aksama

Connor Aksama he/him/his


Quiz Section: AJ

Hello! I’m Connor, I’m a second-year CS major from Duvall, WA. In addition to Computer Science, some of my favorite things are cooking, playing music, Minecraft, and the TV series Community. Feel free to come and ask me about the memory hierarchy and avocados, my favorite Technoblade moments, The Darkest Timeline, or come catch me on the Husky Marching Band drumline!

Photo of Duncan Du

Duncan Du he/him/his


Quiz Section: AB/DA

Hi everyone! My name is Duncan. I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I grew up in China with a couple of years in Maryland. I loved CSE 143 when I took it at UW and I am excited to TA this course for the first time this fall.

Other than teaching and CS, I love photography and filmmaking. I am a tech enthusiast and a huge fan of DIY PCs. I built my own gaming rig last year! I also took up archery during the pandemic.

Feel free to talk to me about any of my interests and all things CS!

Photo of Effie Zheng

Effie Zheng she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AG

Hello! My name is Effie and I’m a sophomore majoring in CS. Apart from teaching, I love learning languages, exploring new music, and reading! I actually entered college with the intention of studying the humanities, but decided to pursue CS after discovering the fascinating intersection between language and computing. Feel free to drop by my office hours if you ever want to chat, I can’t wait to meet you!

Photo of Himani Nijhawan

Himani Nijhawan she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AH

Hey guys! My name is Himani and I’m a third year majoring in Computer Science and specializing in Data Science here at UW. I am super excited to be TAing 143, as this class covers all the important fundamentals and prepares you to problem solve and think critically. Outside of academics, I am a part of UW‘s premiere Bollywood fusion dance team, Kahaani, where we travel nationally to compete. I also love exploring new coffee shops and cafes, if you have any recommendations please let me know! My favorite TV shows are the Office, New Girl, and Modern Family. You can almost always find me at Suzzallo Starbucks, my favorite place on campus:))) Please feel free to reach and ask any questions or just chat, academic or in general! I look forward to meeting you all this fall and am excited for our in person quarter!

Photo of Hitesh Boinpally

Hitesh Boinpally Coming soon!


Quiz Section: DI

Coming soon!

Photo of James Hu

James Hu he/him/his


Quiz Section: AU

Hi! My name is James, I use he/him pronouns, and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and Communication! I enjoy giving my time towards making UW CSE a better community as I am a representative of the CSE Student Advisory Council, which amplifies underrepresented voices. Outside of CSE, I dance for the UW Undivided Dance Team and am on the board of the Hip Hop Student Association. I also love k-pop, drag race, and finding new earrings, so if you’re interested in anything I like, reach out and let’s chat!!

Photo of Jin Terada White

Jin Terada White he/him/his or they/them/theirs


Quiz Section: DL

Hi y’all :) My name is Jin and I’m a junior studying electrical engineering. I was born in Osaka, Japan, I love thrifting, and I spend a good chunk of my free time building all kinds of stuff from useless robots born to pour water on their own circuitry to professional web apps! Meeting so many cool peers from a bunch of different backgrounds has been the most enriching part of my experience as a TA and I hope you know that I care about your experience in 143 a lot! Always feel comfortable to reach out (even if you don’t have questions since i get lonely) and I promise to do my best to get us through this quarter in one piece.

Photo of Joanie Foley

Joanie Foley she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AV

Hi everyone!! I am a CS major from Redmond, WA and I’m super excited to TA this quarter. I love anything and everything outdoorsy, and am always looking to try new things. I also love to travel and see new places around the world. I can’t wait to work with you in person and get to know you this quarter!!

Photo of Joe Spaniac

Joe Spaniac he/him/his


Quiz Section: DG

Hi there! My name is Joe and I’m a third-year in the Allen School this year. I also happen to be majoring in Drama (opposite world from CS, I know) so if you ever want to talk shop about your favorite musical or play I’d be happy to hear about it! For some reason I also decided to start learning Japanese last year, so if you ever want to talk at me about that, I might be able to understand some of it! I look forward to actually seeing everyone in-person in section and at the IPL this quarter!

Photo of Josh Ning

Josh Ning he/him/his


Quiz Section: AA

Hello everyone, my name is Josh Ning and I am a Junior majoring in CS. This will be my first time TAing ever, so I am both very nervous and excited. I am originally from Beijing China and moved to Washington when I was about 12 years old. Outside of classes, I enjoy playing tennis, binge watching horrible rom-coms, and sleeping past noon. Feel free to ask me any CS related questions or movie suggestions. Excited to meet you all!

Photo of Kashish Aggarwal

Kashish Aggarwal she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AL

Hi y’all I’m so excited to meet everyone! My name is Kashish and I am an incoming junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Informatics. I enjoy reading, cooking, playing the piano, and spending time with my friends and family in my free time. I look forward to meeting everyone soon :)

Photo of Kent Zeng

Kent Zeng he/him/his


Quiz Section: AE

Hi everyone! My name is Kent and I’m a junior studying computer science with a minor in math. In my free time I like playing spikeball and volleyball. One of my favorite songs is called More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress. Excited to learn with you all this quarter!

Photo of Ketaki Deuskar

Ketaki Deuskar she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AF

Hey everyone, I’m Ketaki! I’m currently a senior pursuing a degree in Computer Science with the Data Science option. I’m from a suburb near Portland and this is my 4th time TAing for CSE 14X. In addition to being a TA, I’ve been involved in Allen School student leadership and am currently an Allen School Peer Advisor. Outside of school-related activities, I love to go on long walks, visit different coffee shops, read, and catch the occasional sunset. Also, my favorite TV show is The Office but I also love Criminal Minds, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and New Girl.

I’m really excited (and kind of nervous) for school to be back in person! If you have any concerns at all this quarter or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out any time. :)

Photo of Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim he/him/his


Quiz Section: AR


I’m Kevin, a senior studying math! While I love combinatorics in particular, I generally enjoy problem solving, and have been taking a mix of both math and CSE courses throughout my undergrad.

I’m really looking forward to TA‘ing this particular quarter! During my first quarter here, I took CSE 143 with Hunter, so it’s come full circle for me. I’m more than happy to share my experience with UW, whether that’s specific classes, the math curriculum, any of the CS classes I’ve taken to this point, and career! Drop by my office hours to talk about any of the above!

When I have some free time, I work on my public speaking as a Toastmasters member, playing the piano a bit, and stressing over the Seahawks.

Photo of Lisi Case

Lisi Case she/her/hers


Quiz Section: DN

Hey, I’m Lisi! I’m a senior Informatics major in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. Outside of classes, I’ve recently been doing web development for an RSO/nonprofit that works on synthetic biology education accessibility, so I’m always happy to talk about that or any other current/past activities (usually education/tech/leadership-related). In my spare time, you can find me playing piano/harp and making Viennese dishes like Kaiserschmarrn and Zwetschgenknödel. I’m excited to meet you all! :)

Photo of Mariya Haveliwala

Mariya Haveliwala she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AK/DK

Hi everyone, I’m Mariya! I’m currently a senior double majoring in computer science and neuroscience. I’m from Sammamish, WA and I am TAIng CSE 143 for the 2nd time this quarter. On campus, I’m also a Resident Advisor and do computational neuroscience research! Other than that, I am really into hiking, baking, painting, henna, and reading! Stay tuned for baked goods throughout the quarter :)

Super excited to meet you all in person, and can’t wait for a great quarter!

Photo of May Wang

May Wang she/her/hers


Quiz Section: N/A

Hi, I’m May! I’m from Alberta, Canada, and I’m currently studying computer science. I love listening to music, watching Netflix, hanging out with my pets, and drinking bubble tea (I like to get no sugar and double pearls). I’m excited to be back in person this quarter!

Photo of Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy he/him/his


Quiz Section: DE

Hello everyone! My name is Mitchell Levy, and I’m a second-year student with the CSE department. I’m very excited to help teach CSE 143 because its this part of CSE 14x that helps take you beyond learning the basics and into making some really awesome software.

I’m very excited to get to meet everyone in person! If you ever have any questions about the course’s content (or even other CS topics), please feel free to email me or drop by the IPL, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Photo of Neel Jog

Neel Jog he/him/his


Quiz Section: AP/DP

Hey everyone! My name is Neel and I am currently a sophomore studying computer engineering :) Outside of CS, I am a huge sports fan and thoroughly enjoy watching/playing soccer (FC Barcelona / Messi), tennis (Federer all the way), football (Seahawks), volleyball, and cricket, so please feel free to always reach out if you want to talk! I am also a huge mountain person and love going out on hikes (absolutely love the Pacific Northwest) so if you have any suggestions for good hikes, please let me know ;) I am truly excited to be back in-person again, and I hope you all have a productive and enjoyable time this quarter. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to randomly chat about literally anything in the world!

Photo of Nicholas Boren

Nicholas Boren they/them/theirs


Quiz Section: AX/DC

Hello Everyone! My name is Nicholas! I’ve lived in the Seattle area my whole life, and I’ll be applying for Mathematics and Computer Science. Before I took CSE 142 and 143 I was initially a Music Major, after I took CSE 143 I had fallen in love with the subject.

Aside from teaching I am currently working with The Department of History on the Racial Restrictive Covenants Project. As apart of this project I have created scripts that analyze and processes millions of Washington Deeds for Racial Language. If anyone wants to learn more about the project feel free to send an email and I’m happy to chat about it :)

Photo of Raymond Berry

Raymond Berry he/him/his


Quiz Section: AS

Hi my name is Raymond, and I’m a Senior studying computer science. I grew up in Oregon. I love board games and game design, so I would love to hear about your favorite game (video or board game).

Photo of Rinav Kasthuri

Rinav Kasthuri he/him/his


Quiz Section: AI

Hi :), I’m a junior who’s into computer science and machine learning. I also unhealthily engage with tea and am happy to chat about 143 topics or whatever you want :D (no lie, trust me)

Photo of Sanjana Sathyanarayanan

Sanjana Sathyanarayanan she/her/hers


Quiz Section: DH

Hi I’m Sanjana! I’m from Seattle and I’m a senior studying CS! Besides being a 143 fanatic, I also help run my dance team UW Kahaani. In my free time I love singing, traveling, cooking, and binging TV :) Excited for a great quarter!