Class sessions will be held in-person, but there will be an option for students to join class via Zoom (but not quiz sections). There will also be some option join support hours via Zoom, with more information provided later.

To join Zoom, you will need to be logged in with your UW Zoom account. You can view the Zoom link(s) to join here (note there are no Zoom options for quiz sections). For some support hours, there may be a waiting room in Zoom that you will be let into when a member of the course staff can help you.

For class sessions, you will be able to view Hunter’s screen and see him talking. As a reminder from the syllabus, support for students during the live class sessions on Zoom will be limited. The Zoom chat can’t be monitored frequently, and time spent in class for group work will be done alone for students on Zoom (it is too difficult to manage in-person group work and remote group work at the same time).

Please note that although our course will offer live sessions, resources will be provided for students who cannot make those live sessions. Lecture recordings will be made available via Canvas.

UW Privacy Office’s Statement on Zoom

This course is scheduled to run synchronously at your scheduled class time via Zoom. The Zoom class session will not be recorded (it will be recorded from the in-class cameras and microphone). The recording will capture the presenter’s audio, video and computer screen.


We use EdStem for course discussion, announcements, as well as a place to complete and turn in assessments. Almost all questions about the course content or the assessments should be posted here since this is frequented by the whole course staff. See Support Hours for more information on how to get help on EdStem.

If you think your question may give away too much information or is more personal, you can always make the question private so it is only visible to the course staff.

You may also email Hunter directly for more serious personal circumstances that you do not want to share with the whole course staff.


Like many other CSE courses, we rarely will be using Canvas. Anything hosted on Canvas will be linked to from this course website. Do not message to course staff on Canvas, as we don’t check our inbox there.