CSE143 Notes for Friday, 3/11/16

I used the lecture time to discuss examples of functional programming using features that were added to Java in the latest major release (Java 8). I am not including detailed lecture notes because the fourth edition of my textbook has a new chapter on this, so I am likely to modify this going forward. But the sample program includes comments that should serve to remind people who attended the lecture of what each different example was about.

Some students have asked for pointers to learning more about Google's MapReduce system or the open source project Hadoop that is an attempt to recreate it. You might want to check out a data science course available on Coursera taught by UW faculty member Bill Howe. You could also look at the course materials from an older Hadoop course that our department used to offer.

Stuart Reges
Last modified: Fri Mar 11 14:55:53 PST 2016