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Welcome to CSE 143! You might want to start by looking at the course policies in the .
Our this quarter will be Building Java Programs.
You can check your as they come out.
As the get closer we will post more information about them.

Getting Help

It is very important to us that you succeed in CSE 143. We provide many extra resources to help you. The TAs hold many hours in the IPL (Introductory Programming Lab), Adam holds office hours (see syllabus), we have a message board called Piazza, and there are many practice problems on our Practice-It website.


  • ArrayLists
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Linked Lists
  • Recursion
  • Sets & Maps
  • Comparable
  • Recursive Backtracking
  • Binary Trees
  • Polymorphism
Being a Client of ArrayList
Being the Implementor of ArrayIntList
Being a Client of Stacks and Queues
ListNodes: Before and After
Being the Implementor of LinkedIntList
Being a Client of Sets and Maps
More Sets and Maps
Ch 11.2 - 11.3
More Sets and Maps
Iterators & Iterable
Ch 15.3
The Power of Recursion
Ch 12.1
Recursive Tracing
Recursive Programming
Ch 12.2 - 12.3
Practicing Recursive Programming
Ch 13.1 - 13.2
Midterm Review
Midterm Review
Practice Midterm Solutions
Midterm Exam

Information & Practice Exams

  • 5:30
    6:30 pm in Kane 130
TA's Choice!
Recursive Backtracking
Ch 12.5
Recursive Backtracking
Ch 12.5
Recursive Backtracking
Recursive Backtracking
Ch 12.5
Recursive Backtracking
Veterans Day: No Class!
Implementing Binary Trees
Ch 17.1 - 17.2
Binary Trees
Binary Search Trees
Ch 17.3 - 17.4
More Binary Search Trees
More Binary Search Trees
Ch 17.3 - 17.4
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Ch 9.1 - 9.2
Practicing Polymorphism
Optional Thanksgiving Lecture (TBD)
Thanksgiving: No Class!
Thanksgiving: No Class!
Ch 10.2 - 10.3
Practicing Comparable
Better Searching & Sorting
Ch 13.1 - 13.4
Final Review
Priority Queues & Huffman Trees
Final Review
Final Review
Final Review
Victory Lap
Final Exam