REMINDER: Our final exam is Thursday, March 18, 2:30 - 4:20pm, in Kane 120.

Instructor: Marty Stepp (stepp), (206) 685-2181
Office hours: MWF 2-3PM,   Tue 3-4PM; in CSE 466;
Office hours: or by appointment, or when my door is open
Office hours: (note: office hours have ended now that finals week has arrived)

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  • [3/21] Grades Status: Course grades are now posted. Check your UW email for more information.
  • [3/21] Info about the CSE major: If you really enjoyed 142/143 and did well in the courses, consider applying to major in CSE. Work on exciting problems to make a difference in the world, with motivated brilliant people, and make good bucks doing it. To read more, look at the last lecture's slides, or go to the UW "Why CSE?" web site.
  • [3/21] Bandes TA Award: Did you have a great TA this quarter? If so, nominate him/her for the CSE department's prestigious Bandes Award for outstanding TA performance. The year's award recipients will be announced at the department's graduation celebration in June.
  • [3/21] CSE 190 M web programming course: Marty will be teaching a course this summer about programming interactive web sites. The course will use the book Marty and his colleagues have written, called Web Programming Step by Step. If you want to learn about web site programming, keep your eyes on the summer schedule and sign up! We will send an email to past CSE 142/143 students from this year about the course once it is possible to register for the course.
  • [3/20] Textbook review on Did you use our Building Java Programs textbook to help you during this course? Would you be willing to submit a customer review of the book on More reviews would really help us get the word out to other teachers and students about our book. Thanks!
  • [3/19] Assassin game results: The following players made it through to the end of the quarter without being assassinated: Altair, catfan, Cindy, emerald, ox, Gary, Isaac, Jeff L, Jing Ke, Monsieur Pongo, Nokee, Schnappi. Well done, assassins!

    The player with the most kills, and the overall game winner, is Nokee with 5 kills! Congratulations to Nokee! Please see Marty to pick up your exciting prize. Second place (honorable mention) goes to Schnappi who stayed alive to the end with 2 kills.
  • [3/12] End-of-quarter survey: Please help us make CSE 143 better by filling out our optional anonymous end-of-quarter survey! Thanks.
  • [3/12] TA hiring: Almost every quarter, around this time we start to advertise that you should consider applying to be a CSE 142 or 143 TA if you enjoyed the courses and would want to help other students learn to program. Sadly this quarter we won't be able to hire any new TAs, because not many previous TAs are graduating and our enrollments in spring are smaller. :-(

    NOTE: But we will still need TAs for Autumn 2010, so please don't give up! Please use the following TA Interest Form to give us your name and email address if you think you might want to be a TA in the future. We'll put you on our list and contact you before the end of spring quarter so that you can apply then. We're sorry for the bad news. Hopefully we can still hire some energetic new TAs at the end of spring!