CSE 142/3 Homework Turn-In Form Help

Help for first-time users

To turn in this assignment, fill out this form and then submit it by clicking the "TURN IN" button at the bottom. Your program will be checked to see whether it compiles. If all goes well, you will receive a "receipt" page automatically.   What should you do with the receipt page?  

If the assignment instructions say to turn in the receipt, then you should print, staple, and turn in that receipt in the manner instructed for that assignment.  

If the instructions do not explicitly ask for the receipt, then you might still want to print a copy of it, or save as a file for your own records.

Do not print this turn-in form itself before clicking the "TURN IN" button. Doing so may cause Netscape to crash your machine.

Non-IPL users please note:

This form will work with Netscape 2.x and later and with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.01 and later. It does not work with Internet Explorer version 3.x and earlier!

Name/Address Help

You must enter a first and last (family) name. The middle name or initial is optional.

Your e-mail address must have the form username@domain. Your e-mail address at the University of Washington will look like joe@u.washington.edu, for example.

If you are not yet officially registered and are not attending a specific section, enter the section you hope to attend. Only valid sections will be accepted.

Compiler Help

Version numbers for compilers are often found on an "About..." menu or startup message. Omit it if you cannot find it.

File Help

Here is the general procedure for the PC:

If you do not see a "Browse" button at the right end of the line requesting the name of your file, it means your Web browser doesn't support the "file upload" feature. You won't be able to use this browser. Possible solutions: bring your program to the IPL on a floppy and do the turn-in there, or acquire a Web browser (such as Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher) which supports file upload.

Students using the turn-in form from home can find the latest version of Internet Exploer at Microsoft's homepage and the latest version of Netscape at Netscape's homepage.

Note about tabs:

By default, tab characters in your file will align at regular column intervals in the "receipt" you receive after submitting this form. If your indentation looks messed up, then click the "back" button in your browser, change the tab setting pull-down menu above, and try again. The default is 4 in MSVC and 8 in some other compilers.

Statistics Help

These will NOT affect your grade. We just want some statistics on how things are going.