AP/CS A Review

This page provides links to practice problems that reinforce concepts included on the AP/CS A exam. These labs have been divided by topic so that students can focus on specific topics to review. Each lab will open in a new window so that you can come back to this navigation page after completing the lab. In these labs, the answer box will turn green when you have given the correct response and red when you have given an incorrect response.

Students can use the search feature of our PracticeIt tool to search for problems of a specific type. These are more often programming problems.

We have put together a 40-question sample multiple-choice exam that students can use to practice. The test is set up as a timed quiz because some instructors might want their students to limit themselves to the 90 minutes you will have during the actual exam. You can take it in that form with the 90 minute limitation, but you can also split up the time you spend on the exam and take part of it now and finish the rest later. You can submit the exam multiple times, but you can't submit any given answer more than once. You will be told at the end which questions you got right. You will find information about the practice exam at https://ap.cs.washington.edu/practice.

Stuart Reges