Honors Section (CSE 390HA)

Wednesdays, 3:30-5:20pm, in CSE 403

Instructor: Brett Wortzman (brettwo@cs.washington.edu)

This quarter, we are offering an honors section for students who are interested in exploring additional topics related to technology and computer science. This is a one-unit, CR/NC course that will be offered in a seminar setting. Sessions will consist of group discussions about various topics and ideas along with some activities. There will be a small amount of homework prior to each session, primarily readings or videos that will be discussed in class. Students must attend seven of the nine scheduled sessions and participate in all discussions and activities to receive credit.

Week 8 (2/28)

Daemon reading: Chapters 29-41

Week 7 (2/21)

Guest instructor: Whitaker Brand

Daemon reading: None this week

Week 5 (2/7)

Daemon reading: Chapters 20-24

Interesting Links:

Week 4 (1/31): Subfields of CS

Daemon reading: Chapters 16-19

Interesting Links:

Week 3 (1/24): Intelligence, Artificial or Otherwise

Daemon reading: Chapters 9-15

Interesting Links:

Week 2 (1/17): Ethics in Computer Science

Daemon reading: Chapters 1-8
    Content warning (non-consensual sexual acts) in chapter 4

Interesting Links:

Week 1 (1/10): Welcome!

Daemon reading: None

Meet each other, discuss what computer science is, and solve some puzzles.