The course discussion board should be the first place you go for questions about content or course issues. Your TA is your primary contact for concerns on grading or other course logistics. If you email the instructor a question, you should also CC the message to your TA to ensure the fastest response.

Please feel free to send any of us feedback on how the course could be improved. If you do not feel comfortable emailing feedback, you may also use this anonymous form for feedback which goes directly to Riley.

pic name email phone office office hours
staff icon Riley Porter rileymp2 (206) 685-9140 CSE 450 Tues 2:00-3:00 pm, Fri 2:30-3:30 pm

section pic name email
Head TA staff icon Karan Singh karanbir
AA staff icon Alina Liokumovich alinalkm
AB staff icon Hannah Werbel hwerbel
AC staff icon Aeron Langford aeronl2
AD staff icon Patty Popp ppopp20
AE staff icon Michelle Yun meixin
AF staff icon Molly Bucklin mbucklin
AG staff icon Amanda Lin amlin8
AH staff icon Nicholas Porter njp25
AI staff icon Ekaterina Belokrylova dr4g0n
AJ staff icon Daniel Barnes dbarnes2
AK staff icon Catherine Johnson cathej
AL staff icon Loaay Mansour loaaym
AM staff icon Isidora Vukosav ivukosav
AN staff icon Tianai Zhao ztianai
AO staff icon Casey Grosso grossc2
AP staff icon Jake Chiang jchiang2
AQ staff icon Shanti Camper-Singh scs55
AR staff icon Megan Bui meganvo
AS staff icon Judith Kim judithk2
AT staff icon Rachel Imhof rimhof
BB staff icon Hannah Werbel hwerbel
BC staff icon Eli Son elison
BD staff icon Patty Popp ppopp20
BE staff icon Imran Hasan ihasan98
BF staff icon Miya Natsuhara mnats
BG staff icon William Kim wkim97
BI staff icon Ian Figon ifigon
BJ staff icon Caitlin Schaefer ceschae
BK staff icon Loaay Mansour loaaym
BN staff icon Valerie Liao valiao
BO staff icon Alex Demeo alexd8
BP staff icon Robert Kolmos robertk3

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