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CSE 142 Computer Programming I

Instructors: Marty Stepp & Benson Limketkai

Course Description: Basic programming-in-the-small abilities and concepts. Highlights include procedural and functional abstraction with simple built-in data type manipulation. Basic abilities of writing, executing, and debugging programs.

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  • Final Exam Review Session: Tuesday, March 13 at 6:00pm in EEB-105
  • Critter tournament results are now posted. Also, we've anonymously put every Wolf class up online, so that if you want to play your Wolf against another student's wolf, you can do so. Instructions are on the Assignments page.
  • Sample final exams are now posted in the Exams section.
The CSE 142 Final Exam has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 14 at 10:30am (for students who attend the 9:30 lecture) and 12:30pm (for students who attend the 11:30 lecture).


The exam will take place in KANE 130--NOT THE USUAL 142 CLASSROOMS.

Any student with an exam conflict at one of these times may take their exam at the other time.

Example: If you are a student attending the 9:30 lecture but you have another final exam scheduled for 10:30 on Wednesday, March 14, you can take the CSE 142 exam at 12:30.
  • A new beta version of DrJava has been released.
  • Homework #7 posted.
  • Marty Stepp will be teaching a web programming course CSE 490M next quarter. The target audience is students who have just finished CSE 142 or 143 and want to learn about HTML, Javascript, AJAX, and other web technologies. Click here for more information: Web Programming Course
  • HOMEWORK 6 CORRECTIONS: On our HW6 writeup, we forgot to mention that the Ranking of name "Lisa": prompt atop the DrawingPanel is drawn at the position (0, 16). Also, some students have asked about the (or press Enter to quit) message and how they should handle this. You don't have to check for the user pressing Enter to quit. The text is there by mistake, left over from a previous version of the assignment. You should still print the text, but you don't have to do anything in your code to handle pressing Enter to quit.
  • Doodle contest results:
    Aesthetic: image30 (26), image287 (19), image3 (17), image329 (15), image338 (13)
    Technical: image30 (43), image3 (11), image279 (11), image338 (10), image318 (10)
    Funny: image263 (28), image318 (22), image307 (19), image287 (16), image335 (6)
    Overall: image30 (57), image318 (36), image287 (32), image307 (17), image279 (16)
  • For the rest of the quarter, Laura (head TA) will hold special sessions in her office, where students can bring her questions or complaints about the grading of their homework assignments. She will be in CSE room 220 every Friday (starting Fri Feb 8) from 1:30 - 2:30 pm.