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CSE142 Homework Submission Policy

These policies generally apply to all programming parts of homework assignments. However, particular assignments may have specific instructions, which take precedence over these. Deadlines and procedures for other parts of homework assignments or other assignments will be announced as necessary.

Web submission cut-offs are given in the instructions for each homework.

Submission of written/printed material is at the beginning of class period (lecture or lab, depending on the assignment).  Loose pages should generally be stapled together (and there won't necessarily be a stapler available in class!).  To ensure prompt grading, clearly label your work (for example, in comment for .java files or the first page for lecture submission) with the following information:

  • course title ("CSE 142" or "CSE 143")
  • name
  • homework number (e.g. "Homework 2, Problem 1 or Part A")
  • TA's name (very important!)
  • quiz section (usually two letters)

The above information should appear on everything you turn in. You may lose points if you do not follow these instructions.

Explanation of Turn-In Mechanism

When you submit your program using the web turn-in page, we immediately compile it using Sun's JDK compiler.  The compiler warnings and errors, if any, are copied into the "receipt" page.  If you see compiler errors, your program did not compile with our compiler.  It is your responsibility to figure out why, to fix your program so that it will compile, and to go through the turn-in procedure again. You are free to turn in assignments more than once. Generally, only your last submission will be graded.

Your program is generally not run at the time you turn it in.  Instead, we may run it later, while grading it.