CSE 142 TVI - Lecture Materials, Autumn 2000

Lecture Files

Lectures are viewable on the internet as Microsoft Windows Media programs.  Streams are encoded with embedded URLs pointing to lecture slides so that the slides will be synchronized with the talk.  To view a lecture, simply click on a link below.  This is a JavaScript application which integrates the video and lecture slides in one browser window.  To use the application successfully, you will need a browser version 4x or later, a Windows operating system (Win95 or newer), and the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Media Player available for your OS. We recommend that Win98, 2000 and ME users install Windows Media Player version 7. Windows 95 and NT 4 users with Media Player 6.4 must upgrade to v.7 components by answering yes to the two prompts which will appear the first time the video is invoked.  If your browser/0S cannot play the video embedded in the web page, try the "w/o frames interface" links below. The encoding is done to support a high video and audio quality, so the streamed lectures require DSL/Cable or LAN bandwidth to play properly.

Also available are zipped files of the lecture presentations. These zip files contain an equally high quality video of the classroom lecture, images of the slides for presentation, and a PowerPoint document containing the original slides. To view these lectures, download the file, decompress it using WinZip or another zip utility, and double click on the file named Launcher.html. Note: to view these files you will need the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Media Player available for your platform and Internet Explorer version 4 or better. A CPU running at 200 MHz or higher is recommended. Warning: these files are large! (over 100MB) It is not recommended that you try to download them if you are accessing the Internet via a modem. We are using this high-bandwidth format in order to obtain high audio and video quality.