CSE 140 Winter 2014
Hw Topics

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January 8 CSE 140 introductory survey
HW1 (Welcome to Python) Part I due
January 10 HW1 (Welcome to Python) Part II due
January 16 HW2 (DNA analysis) due
January 24 HW3 (Image Blurring) due
January 31 HW4 (Social networking and recommendation systems) due
February 10 HW5 (Election prediction) Part 0 due
February 14 HW5 (Election prediction) Part I due
February 21 HW5 (Election prediction) Part II due
February 25 HW8 (Final project) Part 0 due
February 28 HW7 (Fraud detection) due
March 5 HW8 (Final project) Part I due
March 14 HW8 (Final project) Part II due
March 17 HW8 (Final project) Part III due