Instructor's Choice of Final Projects- 2015

You submitted some outstanding final projects this year, far more than I can list. Here, in no particular order, are my pick of 16 great final projects from 2015:

*Papagayo, Steve Macro Musical Instruments

*Zhang, Wenhao Texture

*Cha, Kevin What's Your Favorite...

*Greatorex, Andrew Without a Home

*Gu, Yuanhan Let Light Shine out of Darkness 

*Lau, Cynthia Sunset Silhouettes 

*Wang, Qiaosi Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

*Bates, Kelsey Paper: Not Just "Plane" and White

*Kitts, Kevin Light Painting

*Smart, Austin Parallel

*Ha, Kimberly Double Exposure -- (All done Manually)

*Luo, Tianchen Hunger & Color

*Mehta, Vardhman Picture in a Picture

*Au, Tony The People of Washington

*Iftimie, Diana Tiny Worlds

*Liu, Zhong Stair