CSE 131: The Science and Art of Digital Photography

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Instructor: Bruce Hemingway --photos here and here, with Rich MacDonald, Associate, and Ewa (Eva)Trebacz, Teaching Associate. TAs: Juliet Fiss, and Ian Talarico.

MWF    1:30-2:20pm    Mary Gates Hall MGH 241    March 26 to June 4

Digital Photography is a unique technological activity that is totally dependent on its roots in digital sensing and computational imaging. It has many functions—scientific, artistic, documentary and social—and its historical development is a fascinating study in scientific innovation.  This course will give students the tools and technological understanding to make better pictures. We will concentrate on four areas: the history and development of photography; the science of optics and digital imaging; the elements of photographic composition and design; and the future of internet-enabled photography.

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Flash applets on some technical aspects of photography

Final Extra-credit Project information here.  Deadline: Wednesday June 6, by 11:59 p.m. via email.

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Mondays and Wednesdays
Fridays (sort of)

Week 1-Choosing a camera
Basic Image Formation
Perspective, lenses, aperture, shutter
Readings: Johnson pp. 1-18
                  Horenstein pp. 20-93
                  Freeman Ch. 1

organize Picasa
Photo Assignment 1: Break your camera Due:11:59PM, Sunday, April 1, 2012

Applet: Variables that affect exposure

Week 2- Optics I
      Lensmaker’s formulae, Depth-of-field formula
History of Photography 1
Johnson pp. 19-48, 151-158

Photo Assignment 2: Digital Storytelling Due:11:59PM, Sunday, April 8, 2012

Three Tips to Help Your Photos Tell A Story

Week 3: Image Composition
        The Frame, Design basics, points, Lines, curves
Optics II:
      Aberrations & Distortion
      Flare, vignetting, diffraction
History of Photography 2

Readings: Freeman Ch. 2,3
Johnson pp. 55-63, 89-94, 125-136

Photo Assignment 3: Macro Photographs Due:11:59PM, Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday or Tuesday, 4 p.m. Optional
Meet at bus shelter on Stevens Way South of Chemistry Bldg.
This week Walkabout: Medicinal Herb Garden & Greenhouse macros

Week 4: Camera Subsystems
                  AF- Auto Focus
                  AE- Auto Exposure
 Reading: Horenstein pp. 94-123

Photo Assignment 4: Action Photographs

Week 5:     IS/VR Image Stabilization
Lightfield Photography
   Review for the midterm

No Photo Assignment this week: MIDTERM April 27 in class

Week 6- Digital Sensors—CMOS vs. CCD
                  Sampling; Color sensing, Bayer vs. Foveon
                  Microlenses- SNR, ISO, noise removal
Readings: Johnson Ch. 15, Appendix G
Horenstein Ch. 7

This week's Walkabout: Allen Center, Suzallo Library, Business School
    Meet 11 am, Saturday, May 5, in the Allen Center Atrium

Photo Assignment 5: Architecture and Interiors Due:11:59PM, Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 7-
Image Processing in-camera and out
Demosaicing, tone-mapping, HDR
          sharpening, JPEG compression, Raw
Freeman Ch. 4
Johnson Ch. 16

No Walkabout this week.
Photo Assignment 6: Nature Photographs

comments on Assignment 5 (see note in Assignment 6)

Week 8- Color—RGB
                 Color spaces, additive, subtractive color
                 Color temperature, white balancing
Light and Reflections
Readings: Johnson Ch. 2
Horenstein Ch. 5

Photo Assignment 7: Night and Color Photographs

Week 9-Lighting—key, fill, back lights,Flash
Wed.: Rich MacDonald: Surveyed Portrait Typology
Friday: Richard Ladner: Supporting Blind Photography
 Readings: Freeman Ch. 5
Paper: Supporting Blind Photography
Horenstein Ch. 7

This week's Walkabout: in one place--shoot portraits
Tues, Friday 3-6 pm CSE 014 (basement of the Allen Center CSE MoCap lab.)
We provide lights, tripod and backdrop
you provide camera and bring a friend to photograph (or do a self-portrait)
Photo Assignment 8: Portraits

Week 10- Monday May 28: holiday
History of Photography 3
The Future of Photography
: Final Thoughts
Reading: Freeman Ch. 6

Work on final project-- Deadline: Wednesday June 6, by 11:59 p.m. via email.
Revise Photo Assignments Deadline: Wednesday June 6, by 11:59 p.m.

Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam:  Monday, June 04, 2012,230-420 pm, MGH 241