CSE 121 was designed and developed from 2020 through 2022 as part of the CSE 12X project. The team was led by Brett Wortzman and Zorah Fung and included Sumant Guha, Jyoti Lama, Kevin Lin, Joe Lang, Aerin Malana, Miya Natsuhara, Leah Perlmutter, Hunter Schafer, and Jaden Wang. The project was supervised by Dan Grossman, who also led coordination with the many departments, schools, and other interested parties both within and outside of UW affected by this work. We thank Magdalena Balazinska and the rest of the Allen School leadership for their support in designing and launching this course.

Development of CSE 122 was supported by a generous award from the Center for Inclusive Computing (CIC) at Northeastern University. Additional support was provided by an award from the Inclusive Education Endowed Excellence Fund.

Significant contributions to the implementation of the course were contributed by the first cohort of Teaching Assistants for the inagural offering of the course. These TAs are (in alphabetical order) Ajay Harilal, Andrew Awada, Anson Huang, Anthony Chung, Audrey Lin, Chloe Fong, Colton Harris, Connor Aksama, Elizabeth Shirakian, Evelyn Yang, Gaurav Gowda, Hilal Mufti, Hitesh Boinpally, Jake Page, Jin Terada, Joe Lang, Joe Spaniac, Karen Haining, Kyler Gray, Leon Li, Melissa Lin, Noa Ferman, Parker Gustafson, Poojitha Arangam, Sam Levy, Sara Wu, Simon Wu, Sravani Nanduri, Tan Nguyen, Vivek Prakriya, and Ziao Yin. Additional course development included the lead TA staff Andrew Awada, Chloe Fong, Hitesh Boinpally, Joe Lang, Joe Spaiac, Kyler Gray, Noa Ferman, Parker Gustafson, and Poojitha Arangam.

This website is generated by mkdocs. The text is set in the Inter font family by Rasmus Andersson. This original template was developed for 373 in summer 2020 by Brian Chan, Maia Xiao, and Aaron Johnston and later modified and updated by Hunter Schafer and Wen Qiu. The theme for the course website draws inspiration from Just the Class, with thanks to its author Kevin Lin. We also thank students Austin Jenchi and Jeremy Zhang who contributed improvements to our fork.