Learning from mistakes is an important part of mastering any skill, especially for novices. To enable this, you are allowed to revise and resubmit your work on programming assignments and creative projects to demonstrate improved mastery after your initial submission.

Resubmissions are subject to the following rules:

  • A maximum of one Programming Assignment or Creative Project can be resubmitted each week (more on this below).
  • There will be 8 opportunities for you to make a resubmission after receiving feedback on your work.
  • You may not make a resubmission until feedback on the initial submission of that assessment has been released (generally one week after the due date). However, if you are submitting an assignment for the first time via a resubmission, you are welcome to do so before general feedback is out.
  • Resubmissions must be accompanied by a form describing the changes made. This will both support you in being deliberate about the changes you make and ease grading of resubmissions by making the changes clear.
  • An assignment that has been found to involve academic misconduct may not be resubmitted (see below).

Resubmissions will be graded and the new grades will fully replace the previous grades. The new grade will be based entirely on the resubmitted work, meaning that your grades may go down when resubmitting. In addition, while every effort is made to identify all areas that could be improved when grading, feedback is not guaranteed to be exhaustive. Be sure to consult all available resources and materials to ensure your work meets all guidelines. Please see the Programming Assignments and Creative Projects pages for information on how to make resbmissions and when they are due.

Since there are a limited number of weeks in the quarter, it is very important that you stay on top of your work as much as possible. Our resubmission policy is designed such that you should only be using a single resubmission on any particular assignment throughout the quarter. This means that it is imperative for you to complete as much of each assignment as you can by the initial submission date, so that you can receive feedback on more of that assignment before using a resubmission on it later.

Note that there are 8 assignments this quarter and we plan to have 8 resubmission opportunities. While you may resubmit any assignment whose due date has passed in a given resubmission cycle, it is strongly recommended that you only resubmit each assignment once. By resubmitting an assignment multiple times, you are effectively forfeiting the opportunity to resubmit another assignment. You have a finite number of resubmissions this quarter - so use them wisely!


To resubmit a revised assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Make any desired revisions directly in your assessment in Ed and click Mark. As with your initial submission, you can make changes and click Mark as often as you like.
  2. Fill out a Google Form to tell us which assignment and which submission on Ed you want us to give new feedback on. You will need to provide the Ed submission number you would like to use. You will also need to to provide a description of the changes you made from your last submission. (Failure to do so will result in your resubmission not being accepted.) Each week, a new Google Form will be sent via email on Ed for you to make your resubmission that week.

You must complete both steps for your resubmission to be considered complete. Resubmissions in Ed will not be graded unless the Google Form is also filled out correctly. If you are having difficulty accessing the Google Form, try following these instructions.

The resubmission period for each week runs from Friday to the following Thursday. Resubmissions must be received by Tuesday at 11:59 pm to be considered for that week. You may only make one resubmission per week, though you may change which submission or which assessment you are resubmitting throughout the week by modifying your responses in the Google Form. Resubmissions received each week will be graded and feedback will be released by the end of the next week.