Getting Help

Having questions or getting stuck on something is entirely expected in the learning process. If you find something challenging with your studies, that is a sign you are learning! Learning is not something that you need to do alone though! In fact, connecting with your peers or asking a member of the course staff for help can add extreme depth to your knowledge.

  • Synchronous Help (Office Hours): One place to go to get help is our Office Hours hosted throughout the week. TAs staff office hours for many hours a day to provide you the help you need when you need it! This is a great place to go if you want to review a particular course concept, work on a practice problem with the help of a TA or your peers, or get help on a Creative Project or Programming Assignment if you are running into difficulties.


    A common misconception is that you can only go to office hours with specific homework questions. That is not true! If you have any questions about course concepts (e.g., from class that day), you are super encouraged to go work on that concept with a member of the course staff at office hours! Getting help with a concept earlier, when you first are feeling unsure, is much better than saving it until you need it on the homework.

  • Asynchronous Help (Ed Discussion): With a class of our size, directly emailing a member of the course staff is not always recommended. There are many of you and only few of us, so if you email one person directly we can’t make a guarantee how quickly we can respond! To alleviate this one-on-one communication of email, we have a course discussion board that will be a much more lively place for discussion and a way to make sure you can are helped more quickly. The message board is set up so that all of the course staff can help you, which will make it more likely for you to receive a quicker response!

    Ed Tips

    • If you are asking a general question about the course logistics or content, you can make a public post. This way other students can benefit from seeing your question, and you can even answer each other’s questions to share your perspectives!
      • If you want, you can choose to post anonymously so that other students in the course can’t see your name. Note that anonymous posting does not hide your identity from the course staff.
    • You’re encouraged to answer each other’s questions as well! Explaining a topic to someone else (even on a discussion board) is a great way to help you better understand the material. The course staff will still look over student answers and can nicely point out some misconception if there is one so that everyone benefits.
    • If you have a question that’s pretty specific to your homework solution, or, is about some personal details that you would not want to share with the class (e.g., DRS accommodations), you can make a private post on Ed that is only visible to the course staff. This way, any member of the staff can respond to get you the help you need!
    • For sensitive matters that you only want to discuss with Hunter and Miya, you can instead email Hunter/Miya if that makes you feel more comfortable. Note that the response time for the instructors’ email is longer than posting on the Ed board.


Photo of Hunter Schafer

Office Hours

Tues 1 - 3 pm
CSE 530 or Zoom
Schedule 1:1 Meeting

Hunter Schafer he/him/his


Hi there! 👋 My name is Hunter! I’ve lived in Seattle for almost my whole life after a brief stint in Alaska, where I was born, and a couple of years in Minnesota. I did my undergrad and masters here at UW in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, and now, I work here full-time on the Allen School faculty!

Funnily enough, I had absolutely no idea what computer science was when I started at UW. I took CSE 142 on a whim and enjoyed it enough to continue on to CSE 143, but not enough to commit to it as a field of study. It wasn’t until I became a teaching assistant for the 14x series did I really find my passion for computer science: teaching computer science. Since then, I’ve shaped my college and post-college career around teaching computer science. Since graduating with my masters, I’ve worked here at the Allen School as a Teaching Professor.

Outside of school and work, I usually spend most of my time hanging out with friends: just enjoying quality time or going out and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops. While living through the inside-times, I’ve tried to make a routine with some of my available free time: I’ve gotten into reading and cooking more regularly, I started practicing yoga, and I even tried my hand at streaming on Twitch (all while drinking questionably unhealthy amounts of coffee).

Talk with me about your favorite coffee shops or restaurants around Seattle, I’m always looking for new places to check out! Good book, podcast, or game recommendations are great too!

Photo of Miya Natsuhara

Office Hours

Mon 1 - 2:30 pm
Fri 12:30 - 1:30 pm
CSE 206 or Zoom

Miya Natsuhara she/her/hers


Hi all, I’m Miya! I’ve lived in various parts of the Seattle area for all of my life (Renton, Bellevue, Downtown Seattle) and now live in West Seattle. We’ve been considered a temporary island out here for the past 2.5 years as the West Seattle Bridge has been closed but it’s recently opened so we are happy to reunite with the greater Seattle area!

I graduated with a BA in Mathematics along with a BS and MS in Computer Science from the Allen School here at UW. I had no knowledge of programming or Computer Science when I started at UW, and only very reluctantly took the first Introduction to Programming class when pressured by my family to give it a try. When I enjoyed the class more than I expected, I went on to take the next class in the sequence and then became a TA for these classes the following quarter. I continued to TA for these classes throughout my undergrad and grad school. After I graduated I spent about 2 years as a Software Engineer at Microsoft on the Visual C++ Libraries Team before returning my focus to teaching to spend more time with you all!

Outside of teaching, I spend lots of time with my objectively-adorable fluffy tricolor corgi Gumball and enjoy experimenting with new baking challenges and cozy knitting projects. Looking forward to a fantastic quarter with you all - please feel free to stop by and chat!

Teaching Assistants

Coming soon!

Photo of Andrew Awada

Andrew Awada he/him/his


Quiz Section: AF

Hi I’m Andrew and I’m a Junior studying Computer Science! This will be my 4th quarter TAing the intro series, and I’m super excited to get to know you all! Outside of that, I love running, hiking, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. Looking forward to making sure 122 is as fun as possible this quarter :)

Photo of Chloe Fong

Chloe Fong she/her/hers


Quiz Section: BE

whoops i have bangz now lol

Photo of Hitesh Boinpally

Hitesh Boinpally he/him/his


Hi, I’m Hitesh! I’m a senior studying computer science and am from Maple Valley, WA. Some things I like to do outside of school are biking, watching football, and trying new foods. I’m super stoked to get to know you all this quarter!

Photo of Joe Lang

Joe Lang he/him/his


Hi everyone! I’m a CS major and long time intro TA. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and learning together this fall!

Photo of Joe Spaniac

Joe Spaniac he/him/his


Hi there! My name is Joe and I’m a senior in the Allen School this year. I happen to have a niche interest in theatrical lighting design, so if you ever want to talk shop about your favorite musical or play I’d be happy to hear about it! I also got into crocheting this summer so if you see me around with a bag of yarn that’s probably why. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the IPL this quarter!

Photo of Kyler Gray

Kyler Gray he/him/his


Hi all! This is my 6th quarter as an intro TA (but of course my first time teaching CSE 122). I won’t have a section this quarter but would love to chat with any of you about assignments, topics in class, or other computer science/technology interests you might have. I also love the Green Bay Packers, kayaking, and exploring Washington.

Photo of Noa Ferman

Noa Ferman she/her/hers


Hello! My name is Noa and I am super excited to kick off CSE 122 this quarter! I will not have a section, but look forward to working with you all in other capacities. I am an undergraduate student studying computer science, and am passionate about computer science education. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy kayaking, traveling, and (occasionally) hiking. Looking forward to a great quarter!

Photo of Parker Gustafson

Parker Gustafson he/him/his


Quiz Section: BE

Hi y’all! My name is Parker, and this is my 4th time TAing for the Introductory Programming Series. Outside of the classroom, I love playing piano, watching obscure movies, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. If you have any CSE 122 questions or would simply like to talk anything CS, please reach out to me at

Photo of Poojitha Arangam

Poojitha Arangam she/her/hers


“Hey everyone, I’m Poojitha! I’m currently a junior pursuing a double degree in Computer Science with the Data Science option and Mathematics. I grew up in Mukilteo, WA, just outside of the Seattle area. This is my 6th quarter TA! Outside of school, I love to go hiking, play tennis and badminton, spend time with friends and family, bake sweet treats, and visit new places.

I’m really excited for CSE 122 and meeting all of you! If you have any questions this quarter or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out any time.”

Photo of Ajay Harilal

Ajay Harilal he/him/his


Quiz Section: AJ

Hi everyone! I’m Ajay and I’m a sophomore majoring in CS and Math. This is my first time TAing for any course so I’m super excited! Don’t hesitate to ask me any CS questions, but also free to to talk to me about running or chess! I look forward to meeting you all and having a great fall quarter.

Photo of Anson Huang

Anson Huang he/him/his


Quiz Section: AG

What’s up!!! I’m Anson and I’m a fourth-year majoring in Computer Science and Political Science. A little bit about me; I love reading One Piece, I’m a retired barber, and I order double everything (except meat), no beans at Chipotle.

Photo of Anthony Chung

Anthony Chung he/him/his


Quiz Section: AD

Hey everyone, my name is Anthony! I am a fourth-year studying CS. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing video games (talk to me about Breath of the Wild), playing the guitar, and getting boba. I look forward to great quarter with you all!

Photo of Audrey Lin

Audrey Lin she/her/hers


Quiz Section: BG

Hi there, I’m Audrey! I’m a sophomore majoring in CS. I’m a first-generation student and very excited to teach and chat with you! Outside of CSE, I’m a violinist (you can also find me the orchestra here), cyclist, and video game lover. Looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

Photo of Colton Harris

Colton Harris he/him/his


Quiz Section: BK

Hey y’all! I’m a second year majoring in computer engineering and am super excited to be TAing this quarter! Some of my favorite subjects outside CSE include game theory, population genetics, and especially physics. Outside of school, I’m really into board games, graphic design, and Tolkien. If you have any good board games recommendations we need to talk! I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can this quarter :)

Photo of Connor Aksama

Connor Aksama he/him/his


Quiz Section: AH

Hello! I’m Connor, I’m a third-year CS major from Duvall, WA. In addition to Computer Science, some of my favorite things are cooking, playing music, Minecraft, watching anime, and the TV series Community. Come and ask me about how I spent a week debugging two lines of code, my favorite Technoblade (o7) moments, the Darkest Timeline, or Saitama’s workout routine!

Photo of Elizabeth Shirakian

Elizabeth Shirakian she/her/hers


Quiz Section: BH

Hey I’m Elizabeth! I’m currently a Sophomore at UW and I am so excited to be a CSE 122 TA this quarter! Outside of school I enjoy writing music, watching TV (I’m currently hooked on Peaky Blinders:)), and I teach at my local Armenian school.

Photo of Evelyn Yang

Evelyn Yang she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AC

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I am a senior majoring in computer science. I am a Myers-Briggs INFJ and an enneagram type 1. I grew up in the Seattle area and some of my favorite things include cats, boba, and spending time with friends!

Photo of Gaurav Gowda

Gaurav Gowda he/him/his


Quiz Section: BJ

Hello everyone! My name is Gaurav Gowda, and I am currently a senior studying Computer Science. I am originally from Federal Way, WA, and in my free time I enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with friends & family.

Photo of Hilal Mufti

Hilal Mufti he/him/his


Quiz Section: BA

Hi guys, I’m Hilal. I’m a sophomore majoring in computer science. I enjoy reading (mostly philosophy & literature), playing games, and science & math. I’m excited to meet everyone and have a great autumn quarter!

Photo of Jake Page

Jake Page he/him/his


Quiz Section: BB

Hey everyone! My name is Jake and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science. First thing you’ll learn about me is I love all types of sports: basketball, baseball, volleyball, and football(but I’m not a Seahawks fan, GO PACK GO!). When I’m not grinding LeetCode, I’m probably spending time outdoors with friends, going to concerts, playing Spikeball on Denny, and hitting the gym. Music is also another big part of my life. My favorite artists currently are The Weeknd, Steve Lacy, and Baby Keem. I also occasionally make beats in FL Studio. I would say my favorite parts of the intro series are getting to meet new friends and having TAs and professors that put in effort to make the course fun and valuable. That being said, I can’t wait to get to know you all this quarter!

Photo of Jin Terada

Jin Terada he/him/his, they/them/theirs


Quiz Section: AQ/BL

Hi y’all :) My name is Jin and I’m a senior studying electrical engineering. I was born in Osaka, Japan, I love thrifting, and I spend a good chunk of my free time building all kinds of stuff from useless robots to professional web apps! My favorite foods are any items found traditional Japanese bentos like tamagoyaki and I also love spicy foods like Mapo Tofu and Jjampong. This is my 5th quarter as a TA and I wish for all my students to know that I care a lot about education and your experience. I promise to do my best and I believe in our success this quarter! Also my pet snake’s name is Killua (from HunterxHunter).

Photo of Karen Haining

Karen Haining she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AA

Hello! My name is Karen and I’m a third-year majoring in computer science and piano performance. I’m super excited to be a TA for the first time this quarter! In addition to TAing, I’m also part of the Husky Satellite Lab, working on sending our second cubesat into space! Outside of school, I enjoy reading, rowing, bouldering, and sewing, and just joined an ultimate team. I also love bunnies, so if any of you have a pet bunny, please bring them to class send a pic my way! I’m really looking forward to this next quarter with you all–feel free to reach out if you want to chat about anything!

Photo of Leon Li

Leon Li he/him/his


Quiz Section: BF

Hey everyone! I’m Leon and am currently a senior studying computer science. Outside of classes, I enjoy watching/playing sports, trying out new restaurants, eating hotpot, and recently started reading Harry Potter (currently on the 4th book)! I am super excited to meet all of you and look forward to a great quarter :)

Photo of Melissa Lin

Melissa Lin she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AL/BI

Hi, I’m Melissa! I’m a 4th year studying CS. This is my first time TAing an intro course but I’ve TAed a few 300-level classes in the past. Some of my hobbies include crocheting, bouldering, and watching Netflix shows (currently rewatching Gilmore Girls for the 10th time). Can’t wait to meet all of you! Please feel free to reach out to ask questions or just to chat about anything :)

Photo of Sam Levy

Sam Levy he/him/his


Quiz Section: AD

Hi y’all! I am a senior studying computer science and minoring in Law Societies and Justice (LSJ). I am also a Peer Adviser so definitely check out the advising website to schedule an appointment and get help with course planning, resume/career planning, applying to the CS major, and so much more! Outside of school I love reading, listening to podcasts, and watching a lot of reality tv shows! (favorite one right now is FBoy Island) I am also always looking for new recommendations so please send them my way!! Looking forward to a great quarter!!

Photo of Sara Wu

Sara Wu she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AK

What’s up! I’m Sara and I’m excited to meet y’all! Some things to know about me: I’m a sophomore studying CS, I’m from the Bay Area, and this is my first year TA-ing! I really liked 143, back when CSE 14X was still a thing (RIP my friend, I only experienced 50% of you), so here I am teaching its successor! On campus, I split my time between TA-ing, RA-ing, and doing robot stuff with my RSO, ARUW. Some things that I love are sauteed green beans w/ eggplant, and my Pikachu plushie.

Photo of Simon Wu

Simon Wu he/him/his, they/them/theirs


Quiz Section: AI

Hi everyone! My name is Simon (he/they) and I’m a junior double majoring in CS and American Ethnic Studies. A couple of my hobbies include cooking, gaming, and kpop. Excited to work with you all this quarter!

Photo of Sravani Nanduri

Sravani Nanduri she/her/hers


Quiz Section: AC

Hello! I’m a sophomore in computer science, and this is my 3rd quarter teaching the CSE intro series (but my first time teaching 122, of course :) ) I love to read, cook, and travel. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Photo of Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen he/him/his


Quiz Section: AE

Hello hello! I’m Tan and this is my first quarter TA-ing intro. I am an international student from Vietnam where the food is the best so I love cooking when I can. Other things that I like are video games, finding places to eat and playing piano. Feel free to chat with me anything as i love hearing them all. See you in section and office hours!

Photo of Vivek Prakriya

Vivek Prakriya he/him/his


Quiz Section: BM

Hi everyone, Vivek here! I’m a sophomore CS major from Redmond, WA. This is my first quarter TAing, and I’m super excited to meet y’all.

Outside of school, I love watching sports (huge Seahawks fan), playing guitar, and following chess (although I’m a very mediocre player). Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about course content or anything really.

Photo of Ziao Yin

Ziao Yin he/him/his


Quiz Section: AN

Hey everyone! I’m Ziao and I am currently a sophomore majoring in CS and biochem. When I’m not busy, I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, making music, and skiing. Looking forward to meeting everyone and we’ll get through this quarter together!