CSE120 Sp17 Lab 4 - Logo Design


Logo Design

Step 1: Logo Design

UW logo Start by choosing a logo to design/redesign. It can be the logo for a school, a business, a sports team, your personal brand, or something else. The logo should have at least two letters in it. A UW logo was shown in lecture (shown at right), so we would prefer you to choose something else.

Using pencil and paper, sketch at least five ideas for different logo designs. At minimum it should use rectangles, but feel to use other shapes and lines, too.

Then, select your top logo choice and redraw it nice and big on a new piece of paper. Label the important points (coordinates) you will need in your program.

Note: You will be scanning and submitting these sketches as part of the assignment, so make sure to keep them with you!

Step 2: Create the Logo

Program your logo in Processing. Your solution should use techniques demonstrated in class. Make sure to add comments so that another person could easily change a parameter to alter the appearance of your logo without breaking anything.

Step 3: Add Your Logo to Your Portfolio

Proudly display your logo on your website! This will not be checked as part of this assignment, but will be for Portfolio Update 1.