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Computer Science Principles

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Welcome to the home page for CSE120, Computer Science Principles. Plan on visiting this page daily throughout the course; there will usually be new information posted that is of use to you.
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Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions,
including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog.

-- Doug Larson


18 January 2011: Thurday's Lab (19 January) is CANCELED. Revised due dates will be announced shortly.

18 January 2011: This is a 4 Part Announcement:

  • Lecture and office hours today are CANCELED
  • Today's Xtra Credit assignment is now due Thursday 19 January at 12:00
  • At 12:30 today I will post Assignment 6, which will be due Friday as the calendar indicates
  • Check Google and Wikipedia today; we will discuss SOPA & PIPA in February

17 January 2011: SNOW THREATENS! As is typical when Seattle is expected to get serious snow, there are warnings that classes MAY BE canceled. News of Wednesday's Class will be Posted Here. Check Often.

17 January 2011: The due date for Lab 4 "The Green Box" has been extended until noon Wednesday

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Teaching Staff

Larry Snyder, Instructor

Larry is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. His research area is parallel computation. He chaired the NRC study that developed the Fluency with Information Technology curriculum, and is on the Advisory Committee for the AP Computer Science Principles effort. An avid traveler, he has lived in a half dozen foreign countries, and visited many more. The photo at right was taken in a familiar foreign location ... find out where it is by visiting his home page.

Michelle Lim, Teaching Assistant

Michelle is currently an undergraduate pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Economics, and is a member of the Academy for Young Scholars. She has held internships at companies such as Microsoft and Tableau Software, and has an interest in computer security as well as general software development. An enthusiastic gamer, she recently began shoutcasting at the collegiate gaming level and hopes to take it internationally at the professional level. Other passions include music, cooking, and parkour.

Alex Horton, Teaching Assistant

Alex is a senior in Computer Engineering focusing on hardware. Last year he lived in Zurich, Switzerland, where he studied at ETH, the Swiss National Technical University. His main areas of interest are operating systems, and human-computer interatction. At least those are the topics that interest him this week; next week, who knows?. After graduation Alex plans to work for a couple of years before returning to academia, and beginning a career in teaching.

Announcement Archive

04 January 2011: The Assignment 1 "reflection" link is wrong in the assignment. It is supposed to be: https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/snyder/152831. Thanks to Cameron for help in debugging this.

12 December 2011: NO CLASS on 3 January 2012. Winter quarter begins on Tuesday, which would normally be a lab, but that lab is canceled.

9 December 2011: This page is under construction ... please return later.

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