CSE490T: Intellectual Property Law for Engineers

Description: This course will provide a survey of intellectual property law for a technical (non-legal) audience, with a primary focus on patent law. The purpose of the course is to assist engineers and scientists in navigating and utilizing various intellectual property regimes effectively in the business context. In the patent realm, topics will include patent preparation and prosecution, patent claim interpretation, and assessing patent validity and infringement. Other intellectual property areas that may be covered, time permitting, include copyright, trademark, and trade secret law. Where possible, the course will also endeavor to balance the discussion of practical legal considerations with broader policy questions (e.g., should certain subject matter be off limits for patenting?, the relationship between innovation and IP, approaches to patent reform, etc.). Joint with CSE 590 T (SPR 2011).

Prerequisities: (none listed)
Credits: 1.0

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