CSE490F: Physical Computing

Description: In this course, we will learn how to build interactive systems that capture and react to the wonderfully complex physicality and expressivity of humans and the world around us. Students will work in teams to design their own end-to-end games, including custom input controllers, digitally fabricated cases, and reactive 2D or 3D game environments. The games themselves will be student-proposed—with feedback from peers and the teaching staff—but must support at least two simultaneous players with one controller that requires physical input (e.g., button presses, joystick controls) and the other that responds to a player’s physical movement, sounds, or other body articulations (e.g., by using a webcam, microphone, or remote sensors). While we assume no previous experience with electronics or microcontrollers, you should feel comfortable and confident in at least one programming language.

Prerequisites: CSE 333
Credits: 4.0

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