CSE190M: Web Programming

Description: This course will expose students to the techniques used in programming web pages for interactive content. In particular, the course builds on the power of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) to design web pages that dynamically interact with databases that reside on a server. The course begins by reviewing basic web technologies (HTML, CSS stylesheets) and exploring the use of event-driven programming in Javascript to add interactive elements such as buttons and text fields to web pages. Next, students will use AJAX tools to build web pages that connect to servers like Google to dynamically access data (maps, search results, videos, images, etc). Finally, the course will show students how to write their own server-side code to provide access to a custom database. The course ends with a two-week group project. Renamed CSE154 as of Autumn 2012.
Prerequisites: CSE142
Credits: 4

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