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  • [6/21] Welcome to CSE 143! Please take a look at the Syllabus tab on the left!
  • [6/30] Homework has been posted, please check the homeworks tab to see the spec. It is due on Thursday (July, 3rd), with the final late cutoff on Sunday (July, 6).
  • [7/10] There will be an optional extra session on Complexity and Computability on Thursday, July 10th in EEB 045 at 1:30 taught by 142 Instructor, Zorah Fung. It is optional, but will be really cool!
  • [7/17] There will be an optional extra session on Cryptography on Thursday, July 17th in MOR 220 at 1:30!
  • [7/21] There will be a midterm exam on Monday 28th. The Exams page has been updated with information about the test and practice matierals for studying.